World of Warcraft - Warlock PVP Guide

World of Warcraft Warlock PVP Guide“Nerf Warlocks” and its cousin shouts are present for a long time on every possible forum where someone that got beaten by a Warlock in PVP expresses his frustration of not knowing how to play against one of the most complex classes in World of Warcraft, the master of all that’s otherworldly, the Warlock.

If played right and with the right kind of gear, the Warlock can truly be the king of PVP, but this doesn’t come without a cost. For all those guys and girls out there thinking that PVP’ing as a warlock is easy, I urge you to read this guide and you will find out there’s more to a Warlock’s PVP than just Fear and DoT.

Warlock PVP Guide - Talent Spec

There’s no “bad” talent spec for a warlock in PVP, but there are certain specs that are perfectly wrapped around the warlock’s PVP ability and role. You can find several PVP Warlock talent specs in our Warlock Talent Guide. Remember that your talent spec must be consistent with your gear and your playing style. If you’re the hit and run type, an Affliction spec will be best suited, but if you’re the type of player that just wants to nuke everything down with a single shot, Destruction is your bit. If you want your pet to be an important ally rather than a support character, Demonology is the way.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important PVP talents from each tree:

Warlock PVP Talents – Affliction

Improved Corruption – This is one of the most important PVP talents from the Affliction tree, as if it is maxxed out it can make Corruption an instant-cast spell. In approximately 1.5 seconds, you can have both Curse of Agony and Corruption on a target, speeding the damage taking.

Improved Life Tap – Admittedly Improved Life Tap has a more important role in PVE than PVP, but against some classes it proves to be quite useful. In long fights when you run out of mana, Improved Life Tap + Drain Life can be a great combination when used properly.

Soul Siphon – Drain Life and Drain Mana, the spells affected by Soul Siphon are crucial ones in PVP.

Fel Concentration – When maxxed out, Fel Concentration gives you 70% chance of avoiding interruption while you’re casting Drain spells. As I said earlier, as a heavy affliction warlock you’ll be using these spells quite often and you don’t want to be hindered when sucking the life or mana out of someone.

Grim Reach – Awesome for hit and run tactics. Just go in as close as possible, slap your insta-corruption and Curse of Agony and start running back.

Nightfall – The instant shadowbolt procs more often than the 4% chance would make you think. Just make sure you have an addon on to know exactly when Shadow Trance procs.

Empowered Corruption – If you’re going for Instant Corruption, this talent will fall in especially nice with it. Combined with the snipe-DoT tactics from the Grim Reach talent, your Corruption will be an awesome weapon.

Siphon Life – 30 seconds of life sucking from your enemies can offer you better survival odds. It’s just like having an invisible shadow priest as a pet, doing Vampiric Embrace on your targets.

Curse of Exhaustion – Combined with Grim Reach and the Corruption talents, the CoE is one of the most powerful PVP tools, especially against melee targets. You can kite them around while putting DoTs on their heads and by the time they manage to reach you, they’ll have already lost a lot of life.

Shadow Mastery – 10% shadow damage…what’s more to say?

Contagion - Another great PVP talent, especially if you’re specced for the insta-corruption (and I can’t see why going up this tree and not being specced that way). Besides, it will give priests, mages, druids and paladins hell as they will waste mana on dispelling that won’t even work.

Dark Pact – Dark pact drains your pet mana to give it back to you and it’s a very solid option for longer PVP, such as battlegrounds or 5v5 arena, where you actually run oom and might not want to risk using Life Tap.

Improved Howl of Terror – Howl of Terror is, let’s face it pretty useless in PVP with its 1.5 second cast. However, spending 2 points in this talent will make it instant! So now you have your fear, your death coil, your seduce and…an instant AOE fear.

Unstable Affliction – This talent is most effective with Grim Reach, since it requires a 1.5 second cast. Start off any PVP battle with it, then add corruption and Curse of Agony or any other curse you see fit. This spell is extremely powerful combined with the other DoTs and it makes the Affliction tree worthwile. It’s even more effective against spell casters (and dispelling spell casters at that) since it will bug them and interrupt their cast without them being able to take it off.

Warlock PVP Talents – Demonology

Improved Healthstone – For 2 points, this is a good boost to your HP, increasing your Healthstone’s power by 20%.

Demonic Embrace – As a Demonology specced warlock, Stamina is your most important stat and Demonic Embrace takes advantage of that. Once you build up on your Sta gear, a 15% boost on it will prove to be crucial. And let’s face it, the 5% drop in spirit is not all that important, especially in fast paced PVP.

Improved Succubus – With the Succubus being a great PVP pet, the increased damage and the increased duration on Seduction comes in handy. Admittedly, in most cases the seduction is just a way to buy yourself a few seconds, since if your target is Dotted up, it will break on the DoTs’ first tick. This talent goes better with insta-nuke Destro locks rather than Affliction dotters.

Fel Domination – Combined with Master Summoner which you’ll be able to see here later on, Fel Domination can create some really cool tricks, such as fearing an enemy when you’re low on HP, summoning a Voidwalker, popping the sacrifice and then immediately summoning your last pet back. It does take a bit of skill to do this, but then again no one said warlocks are easy to play.

Master Summoner – See Fel Domination for best effects. Without Master Summoner and/or Fel Domination, summoning a pet in mid-battle is virtually impossible.

Unholy Power – Since your pet as a demonologist warlock is not just for showcase and it will actually do damage, this talent comes in quite useful. Succubus’ and Felguard go best with it.

Demonic Sacrifice – Would have been a great PVP talent if not so high in the Demonology tree. Sacrificing your Imp and getting 15% more fire damage as a destruction lock, or your succubus for 15% shadow damage as an affliction lock would have been even more awesome, but since you’ll have to spend 21 points to get it, you won’t be able to go for the 41 talents in either Affliction and Destruction. Besides, the fact that you won’t be able to get a pet out in PVP could prove a serious disadvantage. I guess it’s very situational and depends on your playing style.

Master Demonologist – Great to use with Succubus and Felguard, but if you’re PVP-ing with your imp for the extra stamina, your voidwalker for an emergency sacrifice or your felhunter for spell lock and eating debuffs, then Master Demonologist loses some of its power.

Soul Link – Well this is probably one of the fruits you climbed so high in the Demonology tree for. Soul Link is the reason for many “Nerf Warlock” whines, as it gives you a semi-invulnerability and increased damage that makes the other party have to change their playing style to deal with your soul link.

Demonic Knowledge – This is great talent when combined to Fel Intellect and Fel Stamina, since it will boost your spell power by roughly 100-120. And a free boost in spell damage on an already maxxed out gear setup means “Danger to teh manifold!11” for the other party.

Demonic Tactics – Goes well with the other spell damage increasing talents in Demonology, but it’s 5 talent points for 5% spell damage, so only put them here if you’ve already hit your essential talents and need something to use the rest of your points.

Summon Felguard – Having a felguard besides you is almost like having a fury warrior fighting for you. Its cleave, high and fast dps, intercept and ability to take hits make him worthwile of going so high in the Demonology tree.

Warlock PVP Talents – Destruction

Improved Shadowbolt – This is a very useful talent in both PVE and PVP and since it’s so low in the Destruction tree (Tier 1) it’s quite a bargain. I’d take it over the other Tier 1 destruction talent, Cataclysm any day.

Bane – In PVP, Shadowbolt is almost uncastable at 3 seconds, but with the casting time reduction from Bane it’s optimal. If you can manage to get a soul fire in with the reduction, half the battle is won.

Aftermath – This would have been a better PVP talent, if not on the same tier as Bane. The 10% daze chance is nice, but you can’t really rely on it and for a 5 talent cost, it’s not really worth it.

Improved Firebolt/Lash of Pain – Taking these in conjunction with the Imp and Succubus’ respective talents in the Demonology tree makes them a lot more useful. Unfortunately, if you choose any of them, you’d better use that pet for the rest of your spec, or those will be some poorly invested points.

Devastation – 5% critical chance is crucial for full devastation locks and with the Improved Shadowbolt talent, it’s definitely worth investing in. Besides it’s a prerequisite for Ruin, so it’s pretty much a must.

Shadowburn – This can be the ending note of a nuke orchestra and since PVP is all about burst damage, Shadowburn is a MUST for any lock.

Intensity – Tier 4 Destruction talents are amongst the most useful for a warlock, and guess what, Intensity is the first of tier 4. For only 2 points, you get 70% interruption resistance on your destruction spells, which makes it easier to cast a fear with a melee on you, or a shadowbolt with a pet chewing your ass.

Destructive Reach – 2 points for 20% increased range. For PVP, 20% increased range is a hell lot, especially against melees. You can get immolate on your target faster, or get a shadowbolt (in case you also have Bane) in before that pesky meleer gets close to you.

Improved Searing Pain – Searing Pain is the fastest destruction spell you’ll have (well apart from Shadowburn, but that’s something else) and in PVP, where you don’t have so much casting time, Searing Pain is very useful. For just 3 talent points spent here, you can get an extra 10% crit chance that, when combined with Ruin and Devastation, will turn Searing Pain into a fast, low mana, high damage nuke.

Improved Immolate – 25% more damage on your initial Immolate (as in, not on the DoT it places on the target afterwards), combined with the huge crit rating you should be having by now, the Immolate becomes as important in PVP as Searing Pain and Shadowburn. If you have destructive reach, you might want to start off from max range with Immolate to get its DoT on so you can use Conflagrate. By the way, if you’re aiming for Conflagrate, you’ll need full 5 points here, so best that you work you strategy around Immolate.

Ruin – 100% more extra spell damage when you crit is well…awesome. A MUST have for every serious destruction lock. By the way, this is a passive ability, so it’s not a one time use, cooldown talent that you’ll have to worry about. Another confusion regarding Ruin: it does NOT increase your crit chance by 100% (so if you have 15% crit chance, you won’t get 30%). It only increases the extra damage that comes with the crit.

Nether Protection – 3 points for 30% chance to become immune to fire and shadow spells for a short time (1, max 2 spells). This might be situational, since it’s only viable against shadow priests, fire mages and other warlocks but it does give you a huge upper hand against those classes.

Emberstorm – Emberstorm is for Destruction warlocks what Shadow Mastery is to Affliction ones: a great boost of your damage. 10% more damage to your fire spells is huge. Superb talent in PVP where every extra damage counts, but it’s also good for PVE so if you’re a lock that combines these two parts of World of Warcraft, Emberstorm is perfect for you.

Backlash – Besides the 3% boost in critical chance, Backlash also gives you a good chance of getting an instant shadowbolt or incinerate when you get critically hit by an opponent. Since a lot of classes base their PVP gear and specs on crit chance, Backlash will proc very often. Especially useful against rogues, hunters, fury warriors, fire mages and other destruction warlocks. By the way, in order not to miss the chance of an instant shadowbolt in the chaos of a PVP battle (since the Backlash effect only lasts 8 seconds), you should get an addon that gives you a warning when the talent is triggered.

Conflagrate – Conflagrate is a fast burst damage spell and like I said earlier, in PVP burst is more useful than long cast time/high damage spells. With destructive reach, you can Immolate -> Searing Pain -> Conflagrate -> Shadowburn a target to death if you’re lucky with 1-2 crits.

Soul Leech – This works almost like the shadow priest’s Vampiric Embrace, but unfortunately it only has a 30% to proc. It will return the warlock 20% of the damage caused, but ONLY if it procs and with a 30% chance, it won’t be as useful (picture a broken Vampiric Embrace that only sends back HP once every 3-4 spells). Only way I’d put points here is if you have some left over points.

Shadow and Flame – 20% bonus on your spell damage effects…sounds impressive at first and trust me, it is, but only if you already have good spell damage gear. With some quality gear, you can get 200-300 more damage on your main spells, but don’t bother taking this at lower level PVP or if you are lower than 800 on spell damage.

Shadowfury – a targeted AOE damage spell with a 0.5 cast is awesome in PVP, especially in Battlegrounds and Arenas, where you can actually make use of that AOE. The only small problem is getting used to the cast technique, as it takes a bit more time to finish the move and you need to be quick on your toes if you want to chain-shadowfury stun your opponent.

Warlock PVP Guide - Pets

Imp – Useful in party-based PVP for the Stamina boost, but generally not good for one-versus-one fights, or 2v2 and 3v3 arenas.

Voidwalker – Its only purpose in PVP is to sacrifice itself and give you a shield. Demonology specced warlocks with Fel Domination and Master Summoner can summon a voidwalker in mid-fight (while the opponent is feared for example), sacrifice it then quickly get your succubus or felguard back on.

Succubus – One of the most useful PVP pets, their high DPS and ability to Seduce an enemy is crucial in many situations. Best used in one-versus-ones and 2v2 or 3v3 arenas. Remember that DoTs break a Succubus’ Seduce.

Felhunter – Good PVP pet for caster classes. The Felhunter’s Devour Magic can take away the buffs from your enemy and any spell debuffs you have on. His spell lock ability can be used as a Shadow Priest’s silence, however it only silences a specific tree.

Felguard – Spending 41 points in the Demonology tree to get the Felguard is a good option for PVP, especially against casters. The Felguard acts as a fury warrior, with cleave, intercept and the ability to avoid fears and AOE damage. Useful in most types of PVP, although the succubus or felhunter may be better in some situations.

Warlock PVP Guide - Gear

The gear you take into PVP will have to mix in well with your spec. All specs will benefit from high Stamina, but the Demonology tree will get an extra, since you’ll get a boatload of HP with the help of the Demonic Embrace talent. Destruction locks will need as much Int and Spell Crit Chance as possible, whereas Affliction locks should focus on Spell Damage or +Shadow damage where possible, with Spell Crit being lower on your wishlist (since DoT’s don’t crit).

For a list of levels 1-60 Warlock gear, you can visit the  Warlock 1-60 Gear Guide on our website. For level 60-70 warlock gear, take a look at our Warlock Outland Gear Guide . For more information on Warlock PVP gear, you can check out our complete PVP Rewards Section .

Warlock PVP Guide - Affliction Fighting Style

World of Warcraft Warlock PVP GuideAffliction warlocks are World of Warcraft’s best DoT’ers. Due to their talents, they get access to an instant corruption that can be cast while on the move, an improved Curse of Agony with higher damage, Curse of Exhaustion which you can use to slow your opponents down and ultimately, the 41 point Affliction talent, Unstable Affliction, which is a 1.5 second cast DoT that cannot be dispelled (well it can, but it will do a huge amount of damage to the person “wearing” it if it’s dispelled).

As an affliction lock, your pet is secondary, so it’s a matter of preference as to what pet you use. If you find yourself low on HP, summon your Imp for the Stamina boost, or the Voidwalker for a shield. The succubus won’t be as effective for affliction locks, since DoTs will break a Succubus’ Seduce. Still, the Succubus can be used when you’re incapacitated by your enemy as he prepares to deliver the final blow. Atlhough the DoTs will break the Seduce on their next tick, you still buy yourself around 3-4 more seconds.

A good tactic for Affliction Warlocks is to start with Unstable Affliction, Curse of Exhaustion and Corruption, placing all these on the enemy while you back off for max range. Make sure you don’t cast Curse of Agony just yet, as it will replace the Curse of Exhaustion and you’ll lose your distance advantage and we don’t want that just yet. After the DoTs are up you can either drain mana if the target is a healer, cast a Shadowbolt if you have the tier 1 Destruction talent Improved Shadowbolt and hope for a crit to allow you more shadow damage from your DoTs or try to fear your opponent if he’s melee and gets too close.

When your opponent gets his snare/root ability on you, if he has one, Curse of Exhaustion becomes useless so replace it with Curse of Agony and renew your Corruption and Unstable Affliction if needed. I’d recommend spending at least 11 points in the Destruction tree to get Shadowburn, in order to get some burst damage to finish off your enemy.

Warlock PVP Guide - Demonology Fighting Style

World of Warcraft Warlock PVP GuideDemonology is a bit trickier in PVP, because you will be relying so much on your pet in the fight that if you have the wrong pet against the wrong opponent, things can get really ugly really fast. Since you’ll be stacking up on Stamina gear for PVP, Demonic Embrace will be that much more useful (especially since Spirit becomes almost useless in PVP since you never have time to stay out of the 5-second rule – as in not cast a spell for 5 seconds and longer).The Felguard is a great all-round PVP pet that only Demonology Warlocks get and you can seriously boost its efficiency with some talents.

The biggest problem with Demonology is that you will lack a good form of burst damage that the Destruction spec provides and you’ll also miss the benefits of the DoT spamming from Affliction. You can make up for this by letting your pet do most of the fighting. If you have time (like after you feared) and the right talents (Master Summoner and Fel Domination) you can get a voidwalker out, Sacrifice it for the shield buff, then quickly summon your Felguard or Succubus back.

Demonology warlocks are great in 1 on 1 PVP (since you’ll practically be fighting 2 versus 1, with your pet being so powerful) but can be countered in group versus group fights. With the felguard being the main choice for Demonology warlocks, this does not mean that the other pets cannot come in more useful in specific situations.

The imp is good for battlegrounds (especially WSG) and 5v5 Arenas where the entire party can benefit from the Stamina boost. The succubus is good in 2v2 arenas, where you can take a target out of the fight with seduction, then focus on nuking down the other opponent with the help of your teammate. Felhunters are equally good against casters, but the Demonology tree makes them even more useful, since they’ll have more HP and Mana to cast their spells. The voidwalker is…well its only use in PVP is for sacrifices :).

Warlock PVP Guide - Destruction Fighting Style

World of Warcraft Warlock PVP GuideDestruction is all about burst damage and you can easily take down a single opponent if you unleash your nuke on him.

However, if you miss it (as in if you get countered or get a melee/pet chewing your ass and not allowing you to cast) you might be in trouble.

Assuming you have the Destructive Reach talent, start out at maximum range with Immolate, get 1-2 Searing Pains in and then proc Conflagrate and Shadowburn. That combination can kill clothies before they get a chance to find out what’s going on (maybe not Demonolgy or Destruction warlocks though).

If your opponent survives your nuke, he’ll still be pretty low on health so you can either try to Fear/Seduce/Death Coil him and charge up another nuke (in 15 seconds, both Shadowburn and Conflagrate will be ready). Of course, in theory it sounds easy, but take note that your opponent will have his counters and crowd controllers, so you’ll have to work out your strategy depending on your enemy.

Warlock PVP Guide - How do I fight a…

Priest – Affliction warlocks are best for fighting priests, since they have improved mana drain (and a priest without mana is a dead priest) and Unstable Affliction will make it harder for them to dispel ANY of your DoTs (out of fear for not dispelling the Unstable Affliction and triggering the bomb). I wouldn’t recommend trying to nuke down a holy or disc priest as a destruction lock, since if he survives, he’ll heal up quickly and you’ll be left without a great deal of mana and your cooldowns down the drain.

Another tactic against holy priests is to get them to 40%ish, where they will start their Heal spell. If you’re quick enough with your pet’s Spell Lock or Seduce, you can interrupt this heal and nuke down the rest of their health using a long cast time spell such as Soul Fire (remember, DoT’s break seduce so it’s recommended to use a Felhunter for this tactic).

Remember, priests can dispel magic, but they can’t decurse, so keep Curse of Tongues on and your pet chewing on him, to make his cast time as long as possible.

Preferred Pet: Felhunter (Affliction/Destruction Warlocks), Felguard (Demonology Warlocks)

Warlock – Be quick on spotting the other lock’s spec so you can counter it. Always get a fear in first so you can apply DoT’s and banish their pet. Chain-fear and keep DoT’s up until you can’t fear anymore, after which use spell lock or seduce, then chain fear again. It’s really a matter of countering some decisive moves from your enemy, same as with any other class versus same class scenario. You could try Cures of Tongues to slow his cast times over Curse of Agony, but if he has a felhunter out it might be a waste of time and mana since his pet will just eat up the debuff.

Destruction locks might have a slight advantage over Affliction priests, if they take the Nether Protection talent that gives them 30% chance to become immune to Shadow spells (Affliction lock’s won’t have the same benefit against the Destruction lock’s fire spells though). Mana will be an issue, since this will be a long fight, so try to drain mana or drain life + life tap every now and then.

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlocks)

Mage – Ever wondered why mages are the class that most fervently asks for a warlock nurf? It’s because they’re pie for us. Really. Demonology specced warlocks can use a fast Voidwalker sacrifice + new Felguard if they have time, to dampen whatever nuke the mage will be throwing at you. Affliction is also good against mages, since their health pool will go down fast with 3-4 DoT’s on (Corruption, Immolate, Curse of Agony, Unstable Affliction) and they won’t be able to heal themselves. Fear, spell lock or seduce are your friends when you see a mage charging up something big like a Pyroblast. Make sure you keep a DoT on the mage at all times, so he doesn’t get the chance to Polymorph + Bandage himself.

By the way, a lot of warlocks don’t use Curse of Tongues on mages because they think “he’ll just decurse it”. True, but by the time he’ll figure out why his cast time is so slow (if he does) you will have already won a few seconds and caused some confusion.

Preferred Pet: Felhunter (Affliction/Destruction Warlocks), Felguard (Demonology Warlocks)

Rogue – Rogues (especially dagger rogues) are a tough class for warlocks, and casters in general due to their numerous stun abilities and fast hits that will kill your casting times. Using a felhunter for Paranoia against rogues might seem like a good idea since Detect Invisibility doesn’t have the same range, but remember that after you detect them your felhunter becomes useless. I’d rather use a succubus for the damage and the ability to save your behind with a well-timed seduction.

You’ll want to fear the rogue away from you as soon as possible, then put all possible DoTs up. If you still have time, drain life to get back some of the HP he will initially take from you after the stun, or go for a Shadowbolt/Soul Fire nuke. Affliction locks can use the instant Howl of Terror gained from talents to fear rogues just like a priest would. If you find yourself stunned, use Seduce to buy yourself a few seconds (since the Seduce will be cancelled by DoTs). You can also use Seduce to gain those 1-2 seconds needed to get a new fear in on the rogue.

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlocks)

Druid – Feral druids can be fought almost as you do with rogues, but remember, when a druid runs low on HP he usually changes forms and heals himself. You need to counter this with Spell Lock or Seduce ASAP or you’ll be fighting him all over again. Against balance druids (moonkins) the felguard works well if you’re Demonology spec. For Destruction locks, you can try to chain fear the druid (with Seduces filling up between resisted fears) and DoT him down to 30% or so, then unleash your nuke, not allowing him the time for a heal.

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlocks)

Hunter – Hunters are tough for warlocks, because they can drain your mana fast with Viper sting and without our already low mana pool, we’re pretty much done for (you can’t really afford Life Tap in PVP, maybe just Affliction specs). Your fight against a hunter must be quick and by quick I mean f***ing quick, or you get another minus 50 dkp. Sorry got a bit carried away there. Anyways, ignore their pet (don’t waste your seduce on it) and chainfear + Seduce the hunter, applying DoTs. Oh and don’t walk in the trap in mid-fight, or you’re dead :).

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction Warlocks), Felguard (Demonology Warlocks)

Shaman – Shamans are tough for any caster, not just warlocks because they have so many instant-cast spells. Affliction warlocks who base their fights mostly on Shadow damage will be hurt a lot more by Earth Shock (2 second closing of a spell branch) than Destruction locks that can switch between spells fire and shadow spells and get away with it. Don’t bother trying to nuke the Shaman right away, since you’ll just waste your mana and they’ll be able to heal back up in a second. Elemental shamans are primarily casters, so the Felhunter is your best pet, whereas enchantment shamans can be fought almost the same as rogues, so you’ll need your succubus. However, unlike with rogues, use drain mana between fears so that you take away their ability to heal up.

Elemental shamans will have an advantage over you, since all their spells are instant and they can move around while you need to stand still to get most of your spells in. So if they like moving so much, why not keep them running…fear up, death coil, whatever it takes, just don’t let them breathe.

Note: Shamans can purge down your Voidwalker Sacrifice shield, so don’t bother wasting the time for it, even if you’re Demonology specced.

Preferred Pet: Felhunter/Succubus (Affliction/Destruction Warlocks), Felguard (Demonology Warlocks)

Paladin – The Paladin’s Divine Shield is crucial in the fight. The sooner you make him proc it, the faster you can start taking him down. Since it’s a long fight, try to use your DoTs and pet for damage before the Divine Shield, without spilling too much of your mana pool. You’ll need your mana for after the Divine Shield has been cast, to nuke him down. When they’re down to around 30% and with their divine shield on a cooldown, cast Curse of Tongues so that you don’t give him a chance to heal, or fear him and charge up the nuke. If he manages to come out of the fear and starts the heal, use Seduction/Spell Lock to shut him up and let you finish your job. If he has Lay on Hands ready…prepare to start all over.

Note: Divine Shield breaks the Succubus’ Seduce, but not the Felhunter’s Spell Lock. Note2: Right at the beginning of the fight, Seduce the paladin and start charging up Soul Fire. If he’s less experienced, he will use Divine Shield early in the fight to break out of your Seduce, which makes him an easy target.

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlocks)

Warrior – Warriors, same as mages, are considered easy for Warlocks in one-on-one PVP. DoT them as soon as possible and hopefully you’ll avoid the charge. If you are affliction, Curse of Exhaustion should be your starting DoT since it will make his charge unusable and give you some time to place the other DoTs, get your nuke going and so forth. If you do that, you’ve started with the right foot and there’s a good chance you’re going to win the fight. Learn to spot when they proc Berserker Rage (10 second instant buff that makes them immune to fear effects) and make sure you don’t waste the time to cast a fear when they’re on it.

It’s also important to quickly find out what spec warrior you’re dealing with. Your first sign is his weapons, since a dual wielder will be fury, a 2-handed warrior will most likely be arms and a 1-handed + shield warrior will be protection. Fury warriors are the biggest headache, since they have additional anti-fear abilities, such as Death Wish (30 seconds, 3 min cooldown), on top of Berserker Rage and Recklessness. Use Seduce when they proc any of these abilities, or you’ll just be a boxing bag for them.

Another one of the biggest problems against warriors is their pummel ability, which can close down your shadow tree and warlocks (especially affliction) are useless without their shadow spells.

Preferred Pet: Succubus (Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlocks)